One of the WLD mini-team members (Riley, aged 11) did such a good job making cartoon versions of Christie and I, that we asked her (read - locked her into a cupboard until she agreed) to give the rest of the WLD team the same treatment. And here they are!!⁠

From L to R:⁠

Dani - Operations. She controls the heart of HQ - stock, deliveries, orders. loves a cardboard box (we bought her a box cutter for Christmas), unfazed by anything we throw at her. Makes a good cheesecake⁠

Caroline (me) - Creative Director, all round amazing person, just the best and the funniest (obviously).⁠

Christie - Money and Organisation Ninja. Perpetually irritated by how many questions we ask her and how much money we all want to spend on stuff. ⁠

Elles - PR and Marketing. Scottish, future barrister, loves a glass or 8 and gets a bit sweary towards glass number 5, she has a way with words like no-one else. ⁠

Jacqui - Our Jacqui of all trades, lol. Jacqui is Jax Virtual Services, she basically does all the stuff we don't know how to do and some of the stuff we don't want to do. She is also our cousin and we once went backpacking together and watched her ride off on a moped with a random Greek man, Luckily she came back. Highly recommend her services if you are looking for a VA although if she is too busy, don't blame us. ⁠

We love that our team is such a great mix of personalities in many different stages of our lives, we never thought it would be anything other than the two of us and we are constantly #blessed 🤢😁 to have such badass women in our team.