Christie and I are both working parents and the school holidays are almost impossible to work around without using up a large chunks of annual leave or chucking money at holiday camps.  

We still haven't worked out a solution to that problem but we CAN help. This planner is an A4 PDF which covers the 6 weeks of the school holidays plus a couple of weeks either side.  You can write down all the important stuff/key dates/holidays (lucky you) and THEN sit down with your co-parent or your mum or just yourself and work out what the hell you are going to do to get through the rest of it. 

Just like a training plan or a swimming session plan this will enable you to break it down into small chunks, which will hopefully make it feel more manageable AND hopefully help you enjoy it more! 

Also if you stick it on the fridge or by the front door -  it will serve as a visual reminder/guide for everyone involved, so no more husbands denying all knowledge of the summer holidays existence and/or booking weekends away without you right in the middle if it. 😖 * cough * naming no names.  

Download it now for free, click the link below

 We hope it helps!