Following the mega success of our limited-edition range of socks in 2019, we knew we had to produce a new sock collection to satisfy the demand pouring in from runners, cyclists, golfers and walkers for socks that they not only wished to exercise in but would happily gift to family and friends (and didn't cost a fortune!) 

We are ALL tired of buying overly expensive and mainstream sporting gifts that hold either function OR design (and sometimes neither) for friends and family, so our solution has come in foot form, meet the "What the SOCK are you looking at?" collection. 

With a featured message that is only visible once the wearer passes by…. What the SOCK are you looking at? is one of our most creative and favourite launches yet. 

With designs for Runners, Cyclists, Walkers and Golfers, these socks are perfect for cycling 100 miles, running a 5k, playing a quick round or just going about your normal daily business.   

our socks in the wild

What the SOCK are you looking at? are high quality, super comfortable sports and leisure socks made in the EU from a combination of combed cotton, polyamide and elastane. They are reinforced in the heel and toe and have a sweat-wicking soft inner lining to the sole and heel to ensure comfort and style. With Biodegradable Compostable Packaging and Recycled Cardboard Tags. 

One size fits most. 

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