About - Worry Less Design - Gifts for Active People

Who are we anyway?

Worry Less Design is a family-run design studio, founded in 2014 and owned and operated by sisters Christie and Caroline. While on maternity leave from her job in the construction industry, Caroline flirted with a few cycling designs for her bike-daft sister in law but the interest for her witty tag lines grew rapidly and WLD took off as fast as the Tour de France. Meanwhile Christie, a Global Service Manager at Sony, was blissfully climbing the corporate ladder before saying adios to her position to join Caroline; her talent for structural organisation has allowed WLD to expand to dizzying heights. Fast forward seven years and the founding duo are busier than ever; hundreds of orders walk, run and cycle out the door weekly. 

They still try to find time in their work days to get out of the door and run, cycle or walk the surrounding countryside and have managed to acquire two large dogs who often accompany them and generally take up space in the office and lie in awkward places. 

The WLD team has grown exponentially over the past few years to include, not only the aforementioned dogs, but a dedicated team who assemble, pack and ship your orders as well as all the other boring stuff that goes on behind the scenes. 

All the designs are original to Worry Less Design and are conjured up in their studio in the wilds of Hampshire, UK. Where possible, all of their products are manufactured in the UK, sustainably sourced and packaged responsibly. 

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